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Companionship & Homemaking

A "friend" around the home...

One of the most valuable services we can provide is a friendly companion to help get you through the day.  Someone to talk to, enjoy a game or even do a puzzle with is an important element of anyone's well-being.  It's too easy to overlook this side of care as we all quickly become focused on our ailments that inhibit life's daily chores.  With this, of course, comes the peace of mind that your loved one is safe with a trained companion in the home with them to prevent any unanticipated events around the home.

A Neat House is a Safe House - A "NO-FALL" Zone

The most common source of debilitating injury is a fall in the home.  Our Aides understand this and will identify hazards to remediate them with you.  Long cords, loose rugs, any object placed on the stairs - all contribute to an elevated level of risk in the home, especially for a Senior with balance or sight issues.  These risks will be removed to the best of our ability.

We'll also help out with those chores necessary to keep the house in good shape.  A good Home Health Aide will empty that sink full of dishes, pick up any clutter, sweep or do a quick vacuum to keep the home tidy (and safe). cialis professional dosage

Meals & Nutrition

Whether it's a special diet or just assistance preparing and sometimes eating a meal, our Home Health Aides know their way around the kitchen - and know what special diets are and can assure adherence with your doctor's orders. nolvadex reduce existing gyno

Laundry & Linens

Part of keeping a home safe and clean is to stay on top of those items that can become soiled and breed germs, creating an unsafe environment.  Laundry can be added as part of a weekly routine along with regular linen changes to keep everything clean and fresh, just like you would want for yourself.

Errands & Shopping

Is it a quick stop at the market that's needed?  We'll check for you.  We can assure a list of staples are kept on hand and fresh, especially during periods of inclement weather when shopping is difficult or even hazardous.  This goes for your critical medications as well.

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