Caring for Dementia

Caring for this disease can be a heartbreaking experience as it's not just a parent or much older relative that we witness this struggle in, even siblings and spouses are becoming afflicted at alarmingly younger ages.  Caring for this individual is a true labor of love as it can often take all you have.  efek samping memakai viagra

Caring for dementia and Alzheimer's will focus on the safety & security of the patient.  We will identify and eliminate hazzards in the home and be there to provide the level of supervision that is required.  Time together will focus on memory and familiarity exercises to help stimulate the mind and attempt to slow progression.

Coping with this disease in a person that was once so strong in your life will take you through a range of emotions and nobody knows that more than you. ventolin evohaler ulotka

It's OK to ask for Help!

Yes, it's OK!  You will find having a Certified Home Health Aide experienced with dementia care a tremendously valuable resource for both you and your loved one.  Respite for yourself is critical to your own well-being - and if you're getting run down, you'll find it even more difficult the keep up with the physical and emotional stress.

Respite care can help you retain a vital life for yourself.  See friends and family, reach out and spend time with others experiencing the same situation, perform your shopping and errands - all while you remain comforted that the person your loved one is with is a compassionate, trained, professional caregiver.

Is it really Dementia...or Alzheimer's?

That's up to your doctor.  They are the only person that can properly diagnose this condition, and their diagnosis won't be definitive, just an educated medical opinion. hydrocortisone iv to prednisone po conversion

Dementia is a broad term loosely defined as the decline in mental ability that interferes with daily life.  The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's disease.  Not to be confused with the natural occurrence of memory loss, dementia is caused by a physical change in the brain. cialis tadalafil para mujeres

We encourage you to research this aggressive condition and recommend visiting the Alzheimer's Association for an array of resources and educational information.

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